Bringing the outside voices in


Defining strategy, policy and priorities requires a clear understanding of what external experts are aiming for, where their expectations lie for business and how you might participate in a collaborative way with other players and partners.


We have a long track record in convening and facilitating targeted stakeholder sessions to shape new areas of strategy, solve immoveable challenges and unlock thinking and direction within business.

Connecting a leading luxury brand to key global stakeholders to help shape a radical and transformative strategy

We helped shape the strategy of this luxury brand by convening a series of stakeholder roundtables that bring expert voices to challenge the senior management and help inform the ambitions and programmes of action the company will undertake. Discussion focused on both how to transform the business and the wider industry, as well as how to respond to specific challenges sch as climate change and human rights.

Helping a global body in the mining and resources sector to re-evaluate its proposition and approach

We carried out extensive stakeholder engagement interviews and research with civil society and within the industry to gather input to help this leadership organisation as part of a strategy review and update of remit.