Don’t tell me – inspire me


Companies and brands have created sophisticated ways of building reputation and relationships with their audiences, but when it comes to communicating sustainability they tend to either lack imagination or fail to see it as an opportunity to inspire.


Through strategic insight, creative thinking, and visual ideas we build clear concepts that embody our clients’ actions and frame content in ways that galvanises their audiences. From employee engagement to stakeholder reporting, we know how to make this subject stand out and shine.


The living encyclopedia

Having previously shaped the first ever external narrative and CSR Report for this iconic luxury brand, we faced the challenge of connecting their 20,000 employees to the exciting and varied activities on the ground. With contrasting business divisions, product types and awareness, and a wealth of stories and proof points to call on, we flipped the ‘less is more’ mantra on its head and produced a living encyclopedia of their innovations and initiatives. The result provides a rich source of on and off-line content for the whole business, explaining issues in plain language and hoovering up new stories as they become available.

Developing a single sustainability report is a challenge for any business.

Every business is made up of parts, be it different brands, markets or subsidiaries. Our team helped one of the world’s great companies walk the tightrope of offering a simple connected story of the company’s impact at the same time as reflecting the decentralised and diverse nature of the business. Like all BRODIE’s communications work, the success of the reports lies in a deep understanding of the company’s strategy and culture and what their key audiences need from them.

We also combine communications thinking with strategy development for many of our clients to ensure that their ambitions are made active and engaging from day one. This streamlines the process of internal alignment on new thinking, and creates a fast-track to communications when the strategy is rolled-out.