The devil is in the delivery detail


We help our clients close the gap between high level strategy and ambitions and on-the-ground policy, programmes and delivery. The management of complex activity across operations and supply chains is crucial if a business is to reduce its impacts and re-set the ways in which it operates.


Human rights impact assessments

Recent legislation around Modern Slavery has begun to shine a light on this previously hidden reality and we are supporting many clients as they review their approach, take action and prepare to share their next public Modern Slavery Statement.

We are supporting a large food service company and one of the UK’s largest employers conduct a human rights impact assessment. This has involved the identification or human rights issues across various markets and in various areas of the value chain from commodity risk to recruitment. We identify opportunities to revise and improve key policies and processes, giving them greater oversight of activity in their supply chain and reducing the risk of human rights violations.


Taking the strain on benchmarks and indices

Many of our clients struggle to manage the ever-increasing number of investor queries and highly specific information requests that come from organisations collating ESG benchmarks and indices. We work as an extension to our client teams to streamline data requests and preparation.

We work with one of Europe’s largest apparel retailers to proactively gather and disseminate accurate information about their programmes, practices and policies. We created and maintain a dynamic database with answers to hundreds of potential questions, turning their external engagement from a burdensome task to an efficient and effective process that is helping them build trust with stakeholders and consumers alike.

Our experience in programme creation, analysis and delivery provides hands-on support to our clients in delivering their sustainability priorities.