Strategies for leadership and breakthrough


Developing meaningful strategy for sustainability is far more than fixing priorities and setting scorecards. It requires some stark choices (and admissions), the ability to listen (and respond) , the courage to lead others into the unknown and the resilience to build momentum over a long period of time using every lever and gear-switch to make change happen.


It also requires careful stakeholder engagement to bring the right insight and challenge to the table at the right time, and the expertise to cut through the data, trends and regulation flowing though every sector and country around the world.

Helping turn one of the world’s largest fashion retailers into a sustainability leader

We carried out global internal and external stakeholder engagement and then helped this company to set a new strategy with 2025 goals and implementation roadmaps that place it at the very leading edge of global sustainability work. The strategy includes cutting edge thinking on SDGs, circularity, transparency, ethics and employee engagement. We also supported with launch communications and a global collaboration event designed to start conversations and partnerships that will break through the fashion industry’s barriers to innovation and progress.


Defining the strategy for a House of Brands

Developing the first global sustainability strategy for a decentralised house of brands is especially challenging – balancing their different priorities and consumer propositions across regions while trying to establish overall global ambitions . We worked with a market-leading luggage company to navigate this process and bring more clarity to its ambitions and long-term priorities. We conducted a comprehensive materiality assessment that helped them identify salient risks and opportinities, followed by a series of stakeholder discussions to ensure that multiple voices informed the strategy.

The result was designed to ensure every part of the business understood and could contribute to a set of captivating 2030 goals while still having enough flexibility that each market could make it their own. We are now supporting the launch of the strategy with a clear narrative and comprehensive communications toolkit.

Our approach is to remain a close advisor to our clients as strategy is active, and relies on constant development, refinement,and response to events to ensure its success.