Between us, Brodie’s team of consultants has more than 30 years’ experience of working in the area of corporate responsibility and has supported clients from a wide range of sectors on a broad range of issues.


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The macro issue – climate change – is now well understood but, while many businesses are acting responsibly, much more effort is needed to divert us from the path of catastrophe. At its heart is the issue of resource efficiency: can we use less energy, materials and packaging? Can we generate less waste?

We help businesses to fix their own operations as well as engage with their consumers in a bid to shift attitudes and behaviours.


Health and wellness

In the wealthy west, the obesity epidemic is cutting lives short and placing an ever-greater strain on our health services. Legislation is slowly catching up and agile businesses are staying ahead of it by capitalising on the trend of healthier living, reformulating products and rethinking their marketing approaches.

We work with food and retail clients to create strategies that address their exposure to this issue, supporting them as they rethink their product offer and consumer-facing communications.

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Business and human rights

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) established the internationally agreed framework for business and human rights back in 2011. The framework outlines the corporate responsibility to respect human rights within their direct operations, supply chains and all the lives they touch. With a growing body of legislation focussing on disclosure and human rights, such as the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, it has never been more important to get this right. We enable companies to respond effectively to this law, as well as empowering internal teams to catalyse the conversations that this reporting process generates.

We help companies understand and assess their impact, create the right policies and process to reduce that risk, and use their leverage to prevent and remediate any negative human right impacts.


Responsible sourcing

In our globalised world, an international network of trading relationships has brought many benefits to both businesses and consumers. However, unscrupulous practices – often driven by the search for the lowest price – can have negative impacts on the people working in the supply chain, as well as on the natural environment or on animals being reared for food.

Often these impacts are happening far up the supply chain, out of sight of the final customer. We help our clients to better understand the risks associated with the materials or commodities they buy and to put in place processes to improve oversight and reduce risk. 


Transparency and governance

We live in an age of radical transparency where information is available at the click of a button and campaigners can destroy a reputation overnight.

The only protection a business can have against this extreme level of scrutiny is to have rigorous processes in place that ensure that risks are identified, understood, and are being effectively managed.

We help our clients to build robust governance programmes.

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Philanthropy and Community

Whether your business is trying to be a better neighbour, or seeking to engage a particular stakeholder group, we can provide advice to ensure that the approach lands well and has the impact that you would wish to achieve.

Many businesses share their success with others through cash donations or volunteering staff time. Done strategically, this can improve employee engagement while making a meaningful connection with the wider community.