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Georgie Erangey

I am a sustainability strategy advisor and, while I work on the full range of topics you’d expect, I specialise in the area of human rights.

It’s a complex topic and there is a lot of pressure on businesses to take action – I help them figure out what their responsibilities are where the regulatory lines are drawn. I really enjoy taking the intellectual theory and helping my clients put it into practice.


I’ve worked with a wide range of companies over the years – from manufacturers to hotel chains, and luxury brands to logistics companies. It’s exciting to take what I’ve learned from one sector and see if it can apply to another. That’s the beauty of being a consultant: you see inside so many different organisations.

I particularly enjoy bringing different stakeholders together to tackle important global issues. We need every part of our society to step up and take action, but it is so much more powerful when they collaborate. I facilitate conversations with business as well as between businesses, governments and the public sector, helping them to understand each other’s unique perspective.

Why I do it

Capitalism occasionally creates a bit of a mess, but I have seen how incredibly powerful it is when businesses play their part in creating a fair economic system. I’m very motivated by creating networks that function without exploitation, and work with clients to scrutinise what is happening in their supply chain: risks can only be managed once they’ve been understood.

The other part of this job that gives me a real boost is working with key decision-makers to make change happen. Supporting a CEO to rethink the purpose of their business is hugely rewarding.

If I didn’t do this, I’d be…

I’ve always loved to sing so my fantasy job would be on the stage. For now, I get my fix singing in choirs and in the shower!

What I do when I’m not here

I am a sucker for a challenge and am usually training for some crazy sporting event or another. That’s not to say I don’t do down time: I’m often found enjoying a long weekend with my family in Devon.

Potted CV

My first degree is in Geography from the University of Cambridge. Later on, I wanted to dig deeper into the legal frameworks that guide our global systems and I studied for an LLM in International Law and Human Rights in London.

I’ve always been motivated to make a difference and began my working life managing a grass-roots charity in Ghana, championing children’s education and rights. It was a wonderful experience, but I felt drawn to effecting change at a larger scale, which is why I switched to working in the corporate world.

I have been a sustainability consultant ever since – it is where my interests and my skills intersect. Before founding Brodie, I worked for a sustainability consultancy called Sancroft which is where I met Duncan. He and I have been collaborating on projects for over 6 years now.