Georgie Erangey

Founding Director

Georgie is an expert on human rights, making her our 'people person'. She revels in teaming effective corporate strategy with thoughtful, collaborative action to help tackle the world's greatest challenges.

Duncan Gray

Founding Director

Duncan is the strategic brain of Brodie and has led sustainability teams in-house as well as advising some of the world’s biggest businesses. He has also worked for leading charities.

Katherine Symonds-Moore

Founding Director

Katherine is the team’s communicator, with a background in publishing, food and retail, and many years as a sustainability consultant.


Mark Finlay

US Principal

Mark is Brodie’s ambassador in the USA, using his extensive network and years of experience to connect clients and build powerful new partnerships.


Susannah Cooke

Senior Analyst

Susannah is responsible for research and analysis for Brodie, working closely with the leadership team to deliver top-quality work for our clients.


Lydia-Rose Cox


Lydia-Rose is responsible for research and analysis for Brodie, working closely with fashion retailer Primark, supporting it to collate and share information on its performance on ethical trade and environmental sustainability.

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Lara Birkes

US Principal

Lara is a sustainability strategist and policy professional with over fifteen years experience managing partnerships, sustainability initiatives and policy engagement with companies, international organizations, governments and NGOs.